Fundamentally Fabulous ~ The jacket

23 August 2013

There is something enduringly chic about a classically cut jacket or blazer, and worn well, it is a piece that offers timeless sophistication.

Navy and black are the favourites, and for this season I am adding white (so chic). This fundamental piece will see you through the seasons. It's one of those incredibly versatile items that can pull your outfit together to create a sharp, effortless and polished finish, whether you are wearing it over a dress for a night out, or pairing it with your favourite jeans, pumps and a tee. 

As always with the essentials, look for quality, cut and fit. For jackets,  pay special attention to the shoulders, (the seam should sit perfectly at the bony part of your shoulders) and ensure it is not pulling across the waist when buttoned up. 

Your body shape will determine which jacket looks best, so know what works for you. For example, if you are petite, a cropped version with a single button will be best for you - try the Saba Kelly Jacket. Curvy? Then look for a jacket with a cut in waist, and ensure it's not bulky or oversized. The Marcs Ponti Crepe Collarless Jacket  is a great option, and the long folded lapel adds a unique quality to it. (If you have a specific question about the best style for your body type, pop your question in the comments section below)

Covered for your basics? This seasons palette offers you some exciting colours and prints, so be playful and have fun with this trend.

Remember to choose the best quality you can afford, and if you have identified a need, or a 'want' to purchase, check these out according to your budget and preferred style;

The Saba Hayley jacket in white. A gorgeous simple cut and the "V" neckline is perfect for creating a long, lean silhouette. Currently on special for $199 this is a fabulous buy.

The Friend of mine Cadillac jacket made from 100% silk, contrasted with leather collar and bindings on twin front pockets, is a jacket that subtly offers a little edge whilst remaining a chic and sophisticated option with enduring style quality. 

The Faith Connexion structured jacket is perfection with it's angular hem and collarless neckline. It's climbing the ladder a little in price at $557, but if you can afford it, you will love it forever. Available on line from Another Love

Witchery have a nice selection this season and this Mini Tux jacket is a cute cropped version of the classic tuxedo jacket. Cropped Jackets are great for layering and also add an element of structure to loose silhouettes. If you prefer a more conservative  style, try the cropped collarless jacket at $130.

Looking for a twist on the classic double breasted jacket? 
Head straight for the Stream of Time blazer by Camilla and Marc. It's beautifully tailored with some gorgeous detailing including a rib inset collar, alternate lapel and decorative double breasted buttoning.  If you like to play with the classics, and can afford the luxury of doing so, then this is a fabulous option for you.

Just like the white shirt and tee, if a navy or black jacket is missing  make it a priority purchase. 
Have a play with various cuts and lengths and don't be afraid to experiment with prints and colours outside the neutral palette if the Navy and Black already hold prime position in your wardrobe. 



Fundamentally Fabulous ~ tees & tanks

13 August 2013

Achieving great personal style..... is there a magic formula? I wish I had a wand I could wave....

It's true that some people have a gift for creating fabulous outfits, however I do believe that anyone can achieve great style status and there are some key elements that are essential if this is something you want to create for yourself.

A fabulous wardrobe starts out with functional items, of which there are a number.
As we transition into a new season, it's the perfect time to edit your wardrobe and after an 'innocent' post on Jenni Sellan Styling, regarding the importance of making room for the basics, a whole conversation began around what those things are. 
As a result, I have decided to dedicate a series of blogs over the coming weeks on fundamental wardrobe pieces to share with you  and I will begin with a couple of my personal favourites, "tanks & tees".

One of my never fail outfits in the transition between seasons, is without question, a combination of my favourite jeans, (currently  Genetic Denim ) a white tee or tank, and a blazer.
While this is an outfit containing three of our fundamental pieces, without the tee or the tank, I would certainly attract a few looks for all the wrongs reasons! It's the piece that brings it together.

You would think that buying a simple tee or tank would be easy, especially considering that those in the fashion world - buyers, style editors, designers - (the list goes on) would agree that it is a wardrobe essential, however to my absolute frustration, in looking to combine great cut, quality and fit when shopping for the fashion often proves more challenging than one would expect or hope, so I have done the walking for you.

One thing I will say at the outset; I have deliberately not featured cheap versions. Why?
Generally speaking, the fundamental and functional pieces of your wardrobe will not change.
Fashion items and seasonal trends are the pieces that we continually inject into our wardrobes, and because these items are seasonal, picking up the 'cheaper' version can be justified.
Compromising on quality when it comes to your basic items will simply result in you having to continually shop for them -  the fabric will wear quickly, and the shape will not hold.
Invest into your fundamental pieces. If you don't, you will end up spending more than your initial outlay, if you had chosen, quality.

By far, my favourite basic white tee and tank are from Jac and Jack. Gorgeous fabrics, great quality and not ridiculously over priced (in my opinion) with pieces ranging from $60 - $110
Jac and Jack offer the options of black and white for most of their styles and also feature the colour Asphalt with slight variations in style. 

Witchery are always worth a look and as far as the mainstream offering goes, cover the basics and variations of, (featured below) well. Witchery also enjoy injecting colour & prints into their basic variations, which is great for a fun seasonal injection of fashion trends.
Pricing is mid range and quality is good. With a solid returns policy, in my experience they have always been willing to replace items where quality expectations are not met. 

The humble tee & tank...two essentials that have the potential to be the building blocks of a fabulous and chic ensemble. 
If you don't have these items in your wardrobe, make them a priority purchase.  

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